Enjoy my music!
10:30 PM | Author: Luke

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God like Guitar skills
7:10 PM | Author: Luke

Amazing Mirana
7:02 PM | Author: Luke

Photos taken in RP
6:57 PM | Author: Luke

About me!!!
6:35 PM | Author: Luke

Hello. Let me introduce myself a little. I come from Myanmar. I am now in Singapore. My burmese name is Win Myo Htun and my nickname is LUKE. I am now 17 years old. I enjoy current my life-style very much. And I like to play some pc games especially DOTA. haha u can play with me. Connect (www.lukerp.blogger.com). If u cant find which blogs u wanna join, go inside my blog and have some fun with musics, videos and images. Thank you.
Thanks!!!!Republic Polytechnic
5:55 PM | Author: Luke

Republic Polytechnic is situated in Singapore. It is one of the five polytechnics in Singapore. However, the system is seperated from those of poly(s). It is called PBL (Problem Based Learning) system.Wow!!!!It's so great. Coz we have to work with teams.Teamwork is very important in RP. I guarantee that we will be fit enough to face the real world. And I am lucky to have a great chance to attend RP. In this way, I dont need to worry about my education for three years.<=====[-